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Our Brands


Enhance Your Night with
Fat Paks

by Big Boi


Unlock Your Superpowers with Compliments of the Chef
by Raekwon


Redefine what role cannabis will play in our society with CitizenGrown


Best in Class Vibes

You can feel the love the moment you come into contact with us, whether it's using one of our brands at home or visiting one of our dispensaries to grab some goodies, you’ll always be treated like you matter. We believe Cannabis brings everyone together and Hashstoria is the portal to help get you there.


Best in Class Products

Quality matters. Garbage in—garbage out. We understand that it’s the little things that can make all the difference. Premium ingredients make premium products. We believe you deserve better than what’s on your shelves. 


Best in Class Partners

From new cultivation techniques to breakthroughs in processing to reimaginging our social juistice sysem, we pride ourselves on staying connected with cannabis industry’s most progressive pioneers. So while they continue to blaze new trails, we’re always hot on their heels, ready to help them reach new heights.

Co-founded by Raekwon the Chef of Wu-Tang Clan fame, Hashstoria is a brand collective focused on elite product quality, consumer experience, and building communities through the power of cannabis. We understand the importance of this magical flower and we believe the power that it has to connect us, heal us and enhance our lives is someting we take very seriously. That is why we make the following commitments to our community and customers:

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